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Ancillary Meeting Application

Request Deadline: February 17, 2024 

The deadline to submit an Ancillary Meeting request is February 17, 2024, or when all available meeting space is filled. Please carefully review all of the policies listed below and contact Emly Maradiaga ( if you have any questions.


  • Submit one application per function request (i.e., only submit one day/time request per application). You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of each space request.
  • In December 2023, you will receive an email confirming your room assignment and hotel contact information. All coordination, including food and beverage and audiovisual equipment requests, should be arranged directly with the hotel contact. Food and beverage orders must be finalized by February 17, 2024. The applicant is responsible for any fees or charges assessed by the hotel.
  • Space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis after all SOT functions have been placed. The 2024 SOT Annual Meeting Diamond Supporters receive priority in the space-assignment process.
  • SOT has the right to change space assignments at any time in the event of unforeseen schedule alterations.
  • SOT reserves the right to deny any Ancillary Meeting request from any organization whose goals or past actions are deemed counterproductive to those of the Society.
  • Please notify SOT of any cancellations or changes to your meeting up until the time of your event.
  • Ancillary Meetings may not take place during blackout periods, as designated by SOT. Please consult the list of blackout times before making your request for meeting space.
  • Events submitted before February 17 will be listed, if desired, in the 2024 SOT Online Planner and SOT Event App.

If your organization plans to host an off-property event, please email Emly Maradiaga (, SOT ancillary function organizer, by February 17, 2024. The Society will provide a full listing of all SOT-related events to the city bureau and the SOT security team, INA Security, to ensure that everyone in Salt Lake City is informed of all SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo events.


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